Paul Smith

Google Shopping Express

New customer landing pages

Prototyping, graphics, animation, and front-end code.

Google Express Landing Page - August 2014

Responsive Emails

Designed and coded responsive templates for multiple dynamic layouts targeting webkit, moz, and outlook email clients.

Google Express / Costco Membership Email

Coffee Time Email

AdWords Express

Sign-up Flow Testing Prototype

Created a timed testing prototype for usability studies, and includes redesigned ad, map, and budget widgets.

Widget prototypes: Budget calculator, Ad Creator, Ads Carousel, GDN Map Ad

Animated AWX Dashboard Prototype

Created an AWX prototype that animates panels when wrapping and includes 'enable call reporting' user flow.

Prototype: animated panels test

Google Case Consult

Protoype: aMaze Case Consult App

Ran usability studies, redesigned UI, created use case mocks and an interactive prototype of the new cases escalation user flow.

Prototype: 'aMaze' Cases Consult App

DFP Help Popups

UX Research & Design: Help Popups

User research, wireframes, mocks, prototypes for new contextual Google Help popups.

UI UX Redesign for Google Help Popups in DFP

DFP Help Popups
twoSTOp Sales Technical Ops

UI Redesign: twoSTOp Case Consult App

User research, wireframes, mocks, prototypes, and front end code for redesigned twoSTOp Cases Management App.

twoSTOp Sales Technical Ops