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The Feedback tab lets you see how customers have rated your service. There is an overview of your scores as well as a list of how each customer scored your company and any comments they wrote.

User feedback, including comments, is listed under the Retailer Scorecard on this tab. You can use the dropdown menu under the scorecard to sort the reviews by date or rating. The Walmart.com order number is provided as well for your reference.

How We Collect Customer Feedback

Walmart.com collects feedback by contacting customers a few weeks after they place an order and asking them to rate your service on a five-star scale (5 being the best score). They also answer the following Yes / No questions:

  1. Did your item(s) arrive by the estimated delivery date?
  2. Did your item(s) arrive in good condition?
  3. Did you contact their customer service department?
  4. If yes, did their customer service help you resolve the issue?

Customers can only submit one review per partner, per order, and only the Overall Rating and Customer Feedback is displayed on the Seller Info page

The results of this feedback will be displayed on your Seller Info page on Walmart.com:

These are not ratings and reviews of the products people have bought. Those are collected separately and can be found on individual item pages.

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